Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School

County: Brevard
Number of Students: 465

1450 Martin Blvd., Merritt Island, FL. 32952
Phone: (321) 454-3550

Principal: Michael Corneau
Email: [email protected]

Superintendent: Dr. Brian T. Binggeli
Phone: 631-1911, ext. 402

School Board Chair: Dr. Barbara A. Murray
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 321-454-2018

Types of students served:

11% Free and Reduced Lunch population
Small percentage of minorities equaling `9%

Our Arts Teaching Team includes:

  • Music teacher
  • Art teacher
  • Dance/drama coaches

The Arts at Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School

General Music Class – k through 6 th grade

General Art Class – k through 6 th grade

Dance Class (all students)

Drama (all students) are involved in an annual grade level theatrical performance

Elective - Orchestral Strings Class

Primary Section

  • Grades 3 through 6th

Band/Percussion Class – grades 3 through 6th

Choir (all grades)

Yamaha Keyboard class (all grades)

Elective - Stage Craft and Design – grades 3 through 6 th

  • Three Dimensional Design class – grades 3 through 6th

Elective – Drama Class – grades 3 through 6 th

For more information, our teachers will be happy to answer your calls or emails!

Mr. William Yoh, Music Director

Ms. Kelly Rodak, Visual Art Teacher

Our Pride
Michael Corneau, Principal -
All children are involved in some or many aspects of the arts at Stevenson. We believe this is helps them to achieve academically as well as having an enriched life through the understanding of the arts. Since 2000, we have developed a very strong culture where artistic performances have become the mainstay of our program. Due to tradition now built into the program, students come to expect that they will gain that right of passage and be a part of some of our “rituals.” This is truly incredible when parents write me expressing how proud they were to see during, for example, the sixth grade Candlelight Processional, their child’s face cast in the light by the candle they held. Parents notice everything. A year ago, we decided not to play the Pachelbel’s Cannon in D at our annual “Winter Solstice Production.” Many wrote needing an explanation as to why? Here, we thought we were being more creative! I love the fact that people are noticing the importance of the arts as it relates to a child’s development.

Kathryn Lott, Assistant Principal - I am proud that our arts program is not only successful in contained art specific classes. Our teachers are dedicated to the arts and the benefits it has on the various learning styles of their students and utilize the arts throughout their curriculum. Our teachers attend training on the integration of the art into the other core academic subjects and are enthusiastic to share the experiences as well as successes. They celebrate their students’ work by displaying it throughout the school. It is not unusual to walk into a classroom and find students acting out simple circuits in science or social studies concepts. Most recently, we have extended our arts integration in technology by giving all students the opportunity to share reading skills through creative ways. Digital mini movies incorporate text, main idea, music, and story boards.

William Yoh, Music Director - I am most proud of the Stevenson Arts Program as it has done a superb job of integrating our specialized crafts/disciplines into the fabric of the entire school. Through our high visibility, collaboration, and influence with the classroom teachers, staff, student body, and parents, Stevenson has consistently ranked at the highest levels of proficiency. This is evident from our consistent success at the FCAT at every grade level, attaining National Blue Ribbon status (2008-2018), Music Demonstration School (2009-2012), and EVA Award Excellence in the Visual Arts Award (2006-2009).

Matthew Norby, Third Grade Teacher - The thing that I appreciate most about out Stevenson’s art program is all of the unseen results it creates.  Everyday when I drop my students off at their arts classes, I am not “giving them a break” from learning.  The arts program is rigorous, connects to what we’re learning in the classroom, and expands the children’s minds in all directions, pulling them from the concrete to the abstract thinking.  The arts program here teaches them to look at everything they see through different points of view, and to critically look for the deeper meaning in many aspects of their learning.  The arts have been used to bring reading to life, to expand on and reinforce mathematical and scientific principles, and to strengthen critical thinking skills.  Each year when our FCAT scores are returned to us, I know that these scores are not just mine, but the entire schools.  The level of enrichment that Stevenson’s art program has created is hard to numerically measure, but for those who are really looking, they can see the results as plain as day.

A Visit to Our School…
Michael Corneau –
Each year, administration invites a team of teacher leaders and the Arts Team to join us in creating a master schedule. With input from all, we have developed a schedule that “works”. This allows for us to maximize every minute in the day which affords students as many opportunities to explore the arts as much as reading, math, writing, and science. This kind of involvement helps to build “buy-in” while at the same time walking away with a deep appreciation for the importance that all disciplines have when it comes to valuing the time needed to teach students with rigor, relevance and relationship. Out of this meeting come extension meetings (Professional Learning Communities) that address the need for arts integration in other core subject areas.

Kathryn Lott – It would benefit other schools and programs to visit our school because of the outstanding team work that is embedded in the culture of the school. All grade levels meet weekly with administration to discuss curriculum, student achievement and events as they relate to the arts. It is this consistent communication that allows our staff to remain driven toward a common goal… arts and achievement side-by-side. Additionally our grade level teachers meet with the arts teachers to coordinate rehearsals and well as ideas all done in a supportive manner. Efficiency with time is critical to our having a successful program.

William Yoh - I believe that arts education enthusiasts would benefit from visiting the Stevenson Arts Program as an opportunity to observe our arts staff as they develop and implement a curriculum within the group that is readily integrated within the school’s academic curriculum. Through ongoing collaboration as an arts team and with the entire faculty, we develop innovative, “thinking out of the box” lessons plans, units, and performance venues that demonstrate, entice, and produce rigor and relevance in each and every educational opportunity that is provided for every student within our school

Our Special Arts Programs:
Michael Corneau –
Stevenson has a staff that does not view the arts as the “ancillary subject” taught as part of the curriculum. It fully embraces all of the arts as do the parents who enroll their child to attend Stevenson. Our records clerk, Analinda Baldwin, once coined the phrase that “Stevenson’s jocks are not necessarily the ones seen on the playing field, but rather the stage!” Our arts program foster’s the belief that everyone can be creative and find a personal “niche” through the arts. It is believed that while not every child will grow up to be an artist, it is believed that the skills and experiences that they walk away with will follow them as they enter the workforce. These skills build confidence and an ability to think, reason, and problem solve while at the same time be more empathetic to the complexity that life involves.

Kathryn Lott – What is most amazing for me to see is that every child has the opportunity to perform, play an instrument, engage in visual arts, sing, dance, and act, and even be an artist in the true sense of the word. With arts and achievement carefully aligned, every child stands proud on stage, in front of parents, teachers, peers, and community members at our awards assembly. Faces light up as they develop their confidence all of which evolved through their active engagement in the arts. Students learn to face challenges by attacking the problem creatively and in a positive way all of which will help them in the future.

William Yoh - The Stevenson Arts Program provides a variety of enrichment opportunities through visual arts, music (both instrumental and vocal), dance, and drama that are designed to spark interest at the introductory level, as well as for those at the more advanced stages of artistic development, performance, and achievement. Likewise, we provide these unique opportunities at an early age, which may not be available and/or affordable to students until their entrance to the secondary level of education or through private instruction.

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