Arts Integration for Teaching Artists and Others

Project Overview

Teaching artists are artists for whom teaching is a part of their professional practice.  Teaching artists may work in various school and community settings, including in school and after-school programs, and hospitals.  Arts Integration is an approach to teaching and learning in which goals in the arts and goals in other areas, e.g. curricular, institutional, or program, are addressed simultaneously.  

The Arts Integration Professional Development for Teaching Artists and Others program began in January 2012.  This program is focused extended professional development opportunities to artists and others by providing arts integration strategies and materials that link goals in the arts with goals in other areas, including curricular, institutional, or program goals.  The professional development takes multiple forms including webinars, and sharing outcomes in FAAE events such as the Arts Integration Symposia Series and the FAAE Leadership Summit.  Professional Development webinars are open to any Florida artist, classroom/subject area teacher, arts teacher, or community arts organization representative. 

 This year’s webinar series was hosted by Dr. Enrique Puig and Dr. Mary Palmer.   Webinars were 30 minutes in length and participation was free!  Programs one and two, Art as Text: Visual Storytelling to the Core,  investigated literacy learning as a process and the reciprocal role of the arts in equipping college and career ready students with the 21st century skills of: Critical thinking and problem solving, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity and innovation.  Specific lesson demonstrations, recommendations and suggestions for implementation were provided.


 Visit the archive below to view these webinars and others!.

 This program is sponsored by the Florida Department of State/Division of Cultural Affairs.   The Arts Integration for Teaching Artists and Others Program is directed by Dr. Mary Palmer, Mary Palmer & Associates.


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