FAAE Network Partners are our local representatives, essential to disseminating information and developing broad support for arts education. These local groups may be known by a variety of names and many have historically been called ACE Coalitions (Arts for a Complete Education). The structure, membership, activities, and specific goals of Network Partners vary according to their capacity, experience, and local conditions. We do share the same mission and overall purpose. 

The most effective Network Partner coalitions represent a broad cross-section of the community, including:

  • Local arts agency personnel;
  • Artists;
  • Education personnel from professional arts organizations such as symphonies, theatres, dance troupes, etc.;
  • Business professionals;
  • Chamber of Commerce representatives;
  • Parents;
  • Non-arts classroom teachers;
  • School Administrators;
  • Arts teachers, and
  • Other community members.

If you would like to become better informed and more active in supporting arts education in your community, your best resource is the local FAAE Network Partner.  Follow the link below to find contact information for your area.  If there is no contact listed, contact FAAE, we will happily help you establish a Network Partnership.

Network Partners Annual Survey


Network Partner Contacts