The Interactive Academy is partnering with the FAAE to provide arts education classes across the state of Florida.


Course Name & Description
Teacher Schedule & Fee

Hip Hop Edu and Dance Around the World
Introduces students to musical styles and dances from across the globe. Travel to different countries, learn about their cultures and musical styles. Hear their music and learn the dance choreography specific to those cultures. Gain confidence, build coordination, and increase self-expression and stage presence to perform in front of family and friends. See details.

Asher Rost
Asher is the owner of KID SURGE & has teaching for 14 years.
Organization: KID SURGE

Wed: 10am & Thurs: 2pm
24/ 1hr. classes for $240


Acting For Dancers
Dancers will discover how their unique skills can be utilized in training to be a better actor. As a dancer the experience of repetitive exercises and discipline gives them a foundation of physical strength, flexibility, memory and focus. These abilities are valuable assets when striving to become a commercial, theater and/or film actor. Students will be guided through and participate in exercises/games in a nonjudgmental supportive environment. See details.

Myles Thoroughgood
Myles has over 30 years of experience as a Dance Educator, Dancer, Actor, Choreographer and Director.

Tues: 2pm
10/ 1hr. classes for $79


Modern Dance
A Modern Dance class, rich in dance history, studying the three basic Modern Dance techniques of Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham and Doris Humphrey/Jose Limon. Keep these techniques continuing in today’s dance world. Have the chance to study these dance styles with an internationally recognized Dance Educator/Choreographer. See details.

Ellie Potts Barrett
Ellie is an accomplished dance educator, performer and internationally recognized choreographer.

Tues - Thurs: 9am
24/ 1hr. classes for $129


Ballet for Kids or Ballet for Adults Intermediate/Advanced
Fun, inspirational, dance classes for students of all ages; one on one training from Russian Ballet Orlando's highly trained staff in ballet. All students will learn the fundamentals of ballet while be in an engaging virtual atmosphere. These are beginner level classes. See details.

Marissa Smith & Jenna Snyder
Katerina Fedotova (Adult)
Russian Ballet Orlando

Kids: Wed 12pm & Fri 9am
24/ 1 hr. classes for $129
Adult: Wed 11am & Fri 11am
24/ 1:30 hr. classes for $139


Come Breathe with ABOFA
This class is for beginners who want to build a yoga practice. Focus on breathing and learn the rule of four breathing technique as well as various systems of yoga. Embrace poses and sequences and move with geometric progression on and off of the mat. This session introduces mantras and affirmations that encourage a positive sense of mindfulness. See details.

Dr. Kim D. Harris
Kim is a certified yoga instructor with 400 hrs of training.
Aida Cambell
Yoga instructor and plant based chef

Mon & Wed: 9am - 10am
24/ 1hr. classes for $129


Capoeira- Brazilian Martial Arts for Kids & Families
Capoeira (pronounced cap-o-way-da) classes combine martial art and self-defense techniques with fitness, acrobatics, music, dance, percussive instruments, language, culture, important life skills, and fun games! We offer a super fun positive and engaging program and the great opportunity to try something new!
See details.

Lazaro Santos and Jessica Wernett
CBP was founded by Capoeira Master, Lazaro Santos in 1995. He has devoted over 40 years of his life to Capoeira and using it as a vehicle for maximizing human potential.

Tues -Thurs: 12pm - 1pm
8/ 1hr. classes for $79


Beginner Irish Dance Lessons for Children & Adults
Students will learn the basics of Irish Traditional Step Dance from posture, timing, feet placement to the rhythms, music and lively footwork. The culture of Ireland will be promoted in our class and you will grow to love this unique art form that dates back for many centuries. See details.

Sarah Costello
Sarah a professional Irish Dancer and Musician who has taken the role of lead dancer and dance captain with prestigious Irish Dance Troupes.
Central Florida Irish Dance

Mon: 11am
8/ 1 hr. classes for $89


Online Group Singing Lessons
Students will learn and review the basics of singing - breathing, posture, phonation, registration, and performance techniques. Students will work on songs and exercises to develop and implement these skills. See details.

Brent Doucette
Brent is an up-and-coming presence in the field of classical music and was a Studio Artist with Opera Orlando.
Organization: Opera Orlando

Mon & Fri: 12:30 - 1pm
16/ 30 min. classes for $59



Magic with Ravelli
Students will discover the secrets and learn how to perform 2 or 3 Magic tricks with common objects that you find around the house, explained step by step in a fun and easy way. See details.

Ravelli Sanchez

Ravelli is a versatile and multi-talented entertainer specializing in magic and international folk music for young and grown-up audiences since 1984.
Organization: Interactive Academy

Wed & Fri: 11:30am - 12pm
12/ 30 min. classes for $59


Composer's Lab
Composer’s Lab is a course for students of music and music lovers of all ages. Each session will focus on a particular composer in the context of their environment, and that composer’s favorite techniques that make their voice recognizable yet fresh. See details.

Sergei Kossenko
Sergei is a composer, pianist, producer, and educator living in Orlando, Florida.

Thurs: 2pm - 3pm
12/ 1 hr. classes for $129


Pirates and Princesses Musical Theater
World's largest live kid's musical theater workshop from the pirate's era. School-age children and younger take a musical theater, acting, singing, dance, and arts and crafts class from home or school that is themed after Pirates and Princesses. See details.

The Interactive Academy
We are pleased to be working with reputable organizations to introduce to the world other areas of study beyond the performing arts which are a vital part of human enlightenment in the areas of languages, the arts, science, and technology.

Tues and Thurs: 11am - 12pm
24/ 1 hr. classes for $129