Horizon Middle School

County: Osceola
Number of Students: 1170

2020 Ham Brown Road, Kissimmee, FL 34746
Phone: 407-943-7240 Fax: 407-943-7250
Website: www.hms.osceola.k12.fl.us

Principal: Dwayne B. Hinds
Email: [email protected]

Superintendent: Michael A. Grego
Phone: 407-870-4008
Email: [email protected]

School Board President: John McKay
Phone: 407-957-4056
Email: [email protected]

PR Representative: Dana Schater
Phone: 407-870-4007
Email: [email protected]

Students served:

12.22 % Black
27.35 % White
51.37 % Hispanic
2.99 % Asian
6.08 % Other

For more school information, please visit: www.hms.osceola.k12.fl.us

Our Arts Teaching Team includes:

1 % Visual Art
2 % Music
2 % Theatre
0 % Dance

For more information, our teachers will be happy to answer your calls or e-mails. Contact us! [email protected]

A Visit to Our School:
Horizon Middle School has 69% of the student body on free and reduced lunch. Each and every student has the opportunity to choose two elective classes per semester. The electives include 2D and 3D Art, Chorus, Band, Piano, Media Production and Drama. The Osceola County School District is a firm supporter of Inclusion. Horizon and its arts programs are role models for bringing ESE, ELL and the diverse ethnic makeup of our student population together to experience and explore the arts on all levels. A “level playing field” has always been a philosophical approach to instruction. All students walk through the doors of our class room as equals. Any and all barriers that might keep the “level playing field” from occurring is broken down and removed. All students know that they have a safe and caring environment in which to learn. Strength through diversity has helped to keep the programs and courses alive and flourishing through the years. The arts at Horizon allow students to be individuals and explore their talents that help to make each and everyone unique human beings. The ever changing landscape of education has not left Horizon untouched. In today’s time of an economic down turn, lower tax base and higher enrollment, our school has felt the effects. Class sizes have increased, funding has significantly dropped and supplies are not readily available. There is never enough time in the day to give the best possible instruction. This does not make us a school that turns a blind eye to the arts and the importance it holds to our students. It has steadied the resolve of our teachers to circumvent the negative and find or create the resources needed to give each and every student the education that they deserve and are entitled to. Support from SAC, parents and teachers have seen that materials have been secured and programs continue to flourish. All Fine Arts programs offer after school activities to further advance students, when time during the normal school day is not enough. Teachers are often found at the school on weekends and holidays with clubs and organizations. Horizon is not measured by the negative or what we do not have, but how we use available resources and the creative approach to our curriculum. Former students, now in high school and college, return to act as mentors to today’s students. This has proven to be an incredible resource used by our faculty. The assessment of our programs is simple and can be measured by looking at the success of each and every one of our students.

Our Special Arts Programs:
The mark of viable and successful Arts programs is measured by the students and the opportunities they are given to share their talents. On a regular basis, Horizon Middle School (HMS) Arts students receive opportunities to perform and present their talents through various band and chorus concerts, art exposition shows, drama productions, performances and presentations to the Osceola County School Board, the School Advisory Committee of HMS, the HMS Technology Student Association Winter Extravaganza, the HMS Hispanic Heritage Community Celebration, Osceola County’s Education in the Park, and the Osceola County Arts Awareness Tour. Some, if not all, of these performance opportunities draw in hundreds of parents and community members alike, and allow all Horizon Middle School Arts students to showcase their talents.

  • HMS Bi-Annual Student Art Exhibition
  • HMS Annual Drama Production
  • Education in the Park (Arts in the Park)
  • Hispanic Heritage Celebration
  • Winter Marching Band Extravaganza
  • Osceola County Choral Extravaganza
  • 5th Grade Recruiting Tour
  • “Arts Awareness” Tour
  • All-County Band and Jazz Band
  • All-County Choir
  • All-State Band and Choir
  • Solo and Ensemble MPA (Music Performance Assessment for Band & Chorus)
  • TSA Winter Extravaganza
  • “Horizon’s Got Talent” – Talent Show
  • Winter Band and Chorus Concerts
  • Spring Band Concert
  • Spring Choral Awards Concert
  • Bi-annual Piano/Keyboarding Recitals
  • HMS Alum Open Mic Improv Night
  • Osceola County Drama Workshop Host.

As part of the Horizon Team, the arts have always been an extension of the academic classroom; and actively participate in the education of the entire child. Students are offered a variety of opportunities to garner confidence and self-esteem from successes in the arts that then carry over in to their academic subjects. The entire arts team meets regularly to discuss best practices and brainstorm new and innovative ways to incorporate the arts into core subject areas. Additionally, careful co-mingling between the academics, and the practical arts has led to the successful implementation of the STEM based curriculum model, allowing students to utilize their artistic and academic skills beyond the classroom in such endeavors as TSA and FCCLA. The arts programs at HMS positively affirm many of the academic skills at HMS including: numerical recognition, linguistics, problem-solving and critical thinking to name a few. The arts staff work hand-in-hand with the reading coach to develop their individual IPDP’s, and support the CIM model through classroom word walls and incorporation of related vocabulary.

Our Pride:
All arts instructors are thoroughly familiar with the Sunshine State Standards, and develop our instruction around those guidelines. Similarly, the district provided “Arts Model Curriculum Framework” provides an additional level of accountability when constructing class content for implementation. Furthermore; district adopted textbooks offer additional supplementary support for curriculum development and execution. Instructors work closely with administration, in an effort to assess and refine instruction. Both formal and informal assessment techniques are practiced in the classroom, and include: oral presentation, written response, multiple choice, and portfolio development. All arts disciplines have developed and adhere to rigorous grading rubrics that comply with Sunshine State Standards and yet address the individual needs of the student. Students are also challenged to administer regular self-assessment through personal journaling, written reflection, and pier evaluation techniques. The Arts programs at Horizon Middle School are possible and successful because the teachers for these programs are certified by the Florida Department of Education. They strive to continuously maintain and improve the Arts programs by fine tuning and bettering their skills through active participation in various professional organizations; the Florida Bandmasters Association, the Florida Vocal Association, the Actors Equity Association, and the Florida Art Education Association are just some to name a few. In addition to these professional organizations, the Arts teachers go to numerous trainings at the school, district and state levels such as weekly in-services at Horizon Middle School for its teachers, quarterly Professional Learning Communities for Arts Educators of Osceola County, and the annual Florida Music Educators Association Conference.

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