Florida’s Standards and Course Descriptions: Arts Implementation with Fidelity Webinar Series 

The Florida Alliance for Arts Education, in collaboration with the Florida Department of Education, offered four-part webinar series designed to support high-quality implementation of the Arts Course Descriptions. Hosted by Dr. Linda T. Lovins, monthly webinars are archived for viewing.

1) The Arts Course Descriptions: Roots for Focused Growth in YOUR Arts Classes!

The Course Descriptions are where learning begins … planning, engagement, curiosity, student buy-in, assessment … whatever happens in the classroom begins with the Course Description (CD)!  This webinar helps you make certain you can access the correct version, find and understand the full information each CD has to offer, and export the Course Description for your more immediate interaction.  It also shows that you can add the Big Ideas and Enduring Understandings (if you want to keep the Arts benchmarks in their context).

2) Learning Goals: Staying On-Track—Class to Class and Through the Year!

Learning Goals are derived directly from the Course Descriptions.  But how … and how many should there be in a course?  This webinar will help you address the development of Learning Goals, their associated Success Criteria, and how to adapt the Success Criteria into rubrics/scales. It will also introduced to you the updated tools in iCPALMS that will make your planning, instruction, and assessment considerably easier, more flexible, and all gathered into one synchronized digital platform that automatically populates your planning tool with the benchmarks and standards of the Course Description.  If your district works with a required communication and reporting platform, note that the resources you create in iCPALMS can be exported and attached!


3) Essential Questions: Making Them Essential, Engaging, and Deep!

So many requirements and so much to do to address planning, instruction, performances and exhibitions, and other assessments, not to mention teacher accountability!  Is this another requirement?  Can an Essential Question REALLY engage my students in their own learning?!  Join us to learn about the excitement YOU can generate among your students with just one well-designed question to get things started!  We’ll also talk about Guiding Questions, which are what many administrators call “Essential Questions.”  It will be worth your time!!

4) Assessment: Keeping the End in Mind Right from the Beginning!

Of course, it’s critically important that YOU, as an educator, know how well your students are acquiring the skills, knowledge, and understanding that are intended outcomes of a lesson plan, unit, or Course Description.  Most importantly, however, your students need to be fully engaged in their own education – the expectations and possible outcomes of their efforts.  How else will they know how well they met or are likely to meet expectations?  This final webinar in the four-part series will address assessment: assessment for learning, assessment of learning, and the status of test-item development using "Race to the Top" funding for assessment within selected state-adopted Arts Courses.  Join Dr. Antionette Meeks, "Race to the Top" Specialist with the Florida DOE, and your host, Dr. Linda Lovins, for what promises to be an informative webinar, complete with a Q&A session with Dr. Meeks!

 Watch archived webinars below.

  • February 18th - The Arts Course Descriptions: Roots for Focused Growth in YOUR Arts Classes
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  • March 4th - Learning Goals: Staying On-Track__Class-to-Class and Through the Year!
    View webinar
  • April 15th -Essential Questions: Making Them Essential, Engaging, and Deep!
    View webinar
  • May 13th - Assessment: Keeping the End in Mind Right from the Beginning!
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This webinar series is a collaborative program of the Florida Alliance for Arts Education and the Florida Department of Education.