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Historical Context
The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) supports a complete and comprehensive education that includes dance, music, theatre, and visual arts for all Florida students. To help achieve this goal, the Florida Department of Education, in partnership with the Florida Alliance for Arts Education (FAAE), seeks to identify model arts education programs in schools throughout Florida. The Florida Arts Model Schools (FAMS) program recognizes schools that offer exemplary programs in any of the four arts disciplines. Schools can apply for FAMS designation in one or more arts disciplines. In addition, the designation of Florida Arts Achievement Model School will be given to secondary schools receiving a FAMS designation in all four arts areas and elementary schools receiving a FAMS designation in at least three out of the four arts areas.

Application Information

Application Sections
A complete FAMS application contains the following components. The full application should be submitted electronically via the FAMS Online Application.   

  1. Applicant Information
  2. Responses to Six Critical Success Factors
  3. Agreement to present school Success Factors at the FAAE Annual Leadership Summit

FAMS Designation Benefit
The FAMS designation period is three years and includes the following:

  • Designation announced via e-blast from the Department of Education to all Florida schools
  • Recognition on the FAAE Web Site
  • Present success story at the FAAE Annual Leadership Summit
  • FAMS award presented at the 2018 FAAE Summit Awards Luncheon

Further information about the application process can be obtained by contacting Leiland Theriot, Executive Director of FAAE, via e-mail at [email protected], or by phone at 941-266-7316.  

Special Thanks
A special thanks to the following arts education associations for their assistance in developing the Florida Arts Model Schools program and reviewing applications: