Diplomat Middle School

County: Lee County
Number of Students: 835

1039 NE 16th Terrace, Cape Coral, Fl 34119
Phone: 239-574-5257
Fax: 239-574-4008
Website: dpm.leeschools.net

Principal: Angela Roles
Email: [email protected]

Superintendent: James W. Browder Ed.D.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (239) 337-8300

School Board President: Steve K. Teuber J.D.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 239-337-8303

PR Representative: Joe Donzelli
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 239-461-8420

Students served:

Male: 51%
Female: 49%

Asian: 1%
Black: 7%
Hispanic: 25%
Multi-Racial: 3%
White: 64%

Students on free and reduced Lunch: 62%
For more school information, please visit: dpm.leeschools.net

Our Arts Teaching Team includes:
Music – 4 teachers: General Music, Band, Orchestra, Chorus

Orchestra I and II
Chorus I and II
Beginning Band
Symphonic Band
Jazz Band
Concert Band
Art I
Portfolio Art/Art II
Drama I and II
Graphic Arts I and II
Television Production

For more information, our teachers will be happy to answer your calls or e-mails. Contact us!
Linda Mann, Arts Team Leader – [email protected]

At Diplomat, students discover their creative talents while academics are enhanced through cross curricular connections.

-Andy Jeter, graphic arts teacher

Our students know that art is not merely a school subject but an essential part of life. Visitors are delighted to see how the students view the entire school as a canvas.

- Joy Williams, art teacher

Watching students share their pride and love of the arts with other students, visitors, and throughout the community are moments larger than any classroom assignment. They last a lifetime.

-Joshua Hart, drama teacher

Diplomat Middle reaches out to the “whole child!” The focus is not just on the arts but teaching and reaching the whole child by balancing all aspects of their lives.

-Linda Mann, band director/arts team leader

A Visit to Our School

Diplomat is a beautiful facility loaded with student-made art that can be tastefully admired. The grounds are kept manicured, with a soft bubbling fountain on one side of the cafetorium and a student garden on the other. Each classroom is designed to meet the needs of the course and the teacher. However, all are equipped with a document camera, LCD projector, teacher computer, SMART board, and student computer stations. All classrooms also contain appropriate storage areas, textbooks, reference books, and a printer. The band and chorus rooms are a spacious pair that allow for instruments and students to fit comfortably. There is a large storage closet and Wenger lockers, Wenger filing systems, Wenger chairs, and Wenger stands; plenty for all students. Funding for sheet music, books, and materials is readily available for instructional and performance purposes and a repair budget is provided every year to help assist in maintaining of our equipment/instruments.. Band and chorus uniforms are also maintained and provided to students participating in Jazz, Concert, and Symphonic bands, as well as all chorus groups. Technologically the classrooms are up-to-date. There is the ability to record, copy, and play the students’ music for instant feedback, as well as communicate quickly and efficiently with students, parents, and staff. The drama department has grown to include a spacious classroom with storage. Inside the classroom a “Wall of Fame” is being painted. This wall includes a block dedicated to every production and the signatures of the students who participated. Diplomat also has a proscenium stage in a cafetorioum. The stage has a mounted sound system with the installation of eight body microphones, four wired microphones, and four hanging microphones. The stage area also includes a green room and a large dressing and shop room. The stage is used for all performances and recognitions at Diplomat Middle. It seats about 300 people. The drama program also has a follow spot and strobe lights. Orchestra, like chorus and band has a spacious room to fit the students and their instruments comfortably. Supplies, such as sheet music and books, are used for instructional and performance purposes. It too has a large storage closet to hold string instruments. The Digital arts classroom is equip with a computer for every student in the class. Combining the Arts with Career Tech Ed in a Graphic/Digital Arts Design Course provides up-to-date equipment. A large screen and projector is centered in the middle of the room to allow for all students to see the teacher led examples and instructions in the very large classroom. Portable projectors are also available. This allows the instructor to transport the students’ work to showcase in the annual talent show, school dances, or any other school event. The Art classroom is complete, with a variety of storage areas to keep supplies in the appropriate setting. Students work at large tables with enough space to work freely and seat 36 students. The room has access to an outside patio for spray painting and a new computerized kiln was recently added. The art room is also equipped with an IPod docking station, CPS capabilities, two sets of art textbooks, drying racks, clipboards, paints and brushes, pastels and colored pencils, and three sinks. Diplomat Middle runs it class schedule on a rotating bell schedule. Each class is 83 minutes a day. Students go to four classes one day and four classes the next. Students can be enrolled into three different elective a semester. The time spent in an arts program varies upon the course. All band, chorus, strings, and portfolio art are year long courses. Drama I and II, digital arts, Art I, guitar, and music appreciation are semester courses.

Our Special Arts Programs: Diplomat Middle also provide a televison production and yearbook class.
Students enrolled/participating in dedicated arts classes: 76 %

Our Pride:
Diplomat Middle School has a Fine Arts program with a superior reputation in our community. On a yearly basis Diplomat Middle and its Arts Education teachers provide a plethora of ways students can showcase their talents for parents and interested parties. Every semester there is an abundance of drama productions and musical concerts by orchestra, chorus, and band (f. 7, evidence 1-34). Besides productions, the drama program students regularly participate in Open House activities by providing 3-4 minute acting skits in front of the attending community. Students also participate by showcasing their miming skills and doubling as tour guides. Drama students have also philanthropically supported local charities, such as the Abuse, Counseling, and Treatment Center and Make-a-Wish by performing encore productions of their shows. The donations collected during these shows were provided to the charities. In art, students used their talents to raise awareness of the plight of dogs and cats at the Lee County Domestic Services shelter. The art program also participates in the Edison Art Festival. Their work is on display for an estimated 60,000 people. Student art is also displayed at the district headquarters year round and the Alliance for the Arts each spring in Fort Myers. Fine Arts students participate in community contests such as Pride & Patriotism, Junior Duck Stamp, Keep the Scene Clean, the Burrowing Owl festival, and Do the Right Thing logo contest. Digital Arts has a webpage, http://dpm.leeschools.net/DEMO/ (f.8, Evidence 1) that proudly displays all the students’ work for parents and the community. Each semester, students participate in a variety of projects ranging from logo design to 3-D animation. Students also participate in several competitions including the Cape Coral Neighborhood Watch Poster Contest, Do the Right Thing T-Shirt Design Contest, Heinz Ketch-Up Creativity Contest, Doodle 4 Google and many more. Other arts programs reach out to the community members as well (f. 5-6, evidence 1), the band students collect monetary donations at many of their concerts for Adopt-a-Family. For many years orchestra, band, and chorus have held concerts at Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce’s Do the Right the Thing Ceremony, Edison Holiday House, Del Tura Retirement Community, and St. Andrew’s Knights of Columbus. The performances are much anticipated by community members.

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