Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts

County: Lee County
Number of Students: 1580

6740 Panther Lane, Fort Myers, FL
Phone: 239-481-2233
Fax: 239-481-7778

Principal: Tracy Perkins
Email: [email protected]

Superintendent: Dr. James Browder
Email: 239-337-8301
Phone: [email protected]

School Board President: Dr. Jane Kuckel
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 239-337-8304

PR Representative: Joe Donzelli
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 239-461-8420

Students served:

14 % Black
65 % White
15 % Hispanic
1 % Asian
3 % Other

Our Arts Teaching Team includes:

4 % Visual Art
3 % Music
2 % Theatre
2 % Dance

For more school information, please visit:   

For more information, our teachers will be happy to answer your calls or e-mails. Contact us! [email protected]

A Visit to Our School:
Our school maintains its approach to scheduling arts classes that allows the teachers time to work with students in depth. Most arts major students recieve 84 minutes of instruction in the arts each day. Many receive even more. The campus is one of the best in the county and the arts classes have dedicated "mini" campus with buildings designed by arts teachers. The facilites supervised by the Assistant Principal who oversees the arts program and has an arts background. She works diligently to keep the integrity of the facilities intact. The auditorium received new lighting and sound instruments last year and is in the process of receiving a new dimmer system, control board, and sound board. The school also does everything possible to provide new technology for the classroom so that teachers access Ipod use, sound/video editting, Smartboards, etc. The class sizes have increased some in the last year, but every effort is made to limit growth beyond a reasonable amount. Cypress Lake Center for the Arts has a long established tradition of highly quality performance and exhibitions open to both the public and other schools. There are over 50 performance events and exhibitions in the school, many with multiple performances. Parents and families are strong supporters, but the public in general find Cypress to be a great source for arts and entertainment. Every department performs once a month in one form or another. Favorites of the community include the annual school musical, Beans and Scenes (Coffee, Desert, and Drama), the annual school ballet, the a cappela group, and our jazz ensemble. The art department offers alumni shows, National Art Honor Society shows, themed shows, and senior shows. There is literally, something every weekend at the Center for the Arts. Additionally, visual arts may be on display at local art galleries, restaurants, and businesses. Music students perform for civic events, arts festivals, and retirement facilities. Dance performs for other schools and also for retirement facilities and special events.

Our Special Arts Programs:
All of the arts departments work hard to bring professional quality opportunities to students and take student work into the community atmosphere. The following are a few examples. The Dance Department works with “Delirium” dance company to perform on concert events. “Delirium” has also choreographed and given workshops. Gulfshore Ballet and the Dance Department work together to bring in members of the New York City Ballet to perform for the community. The Dance Department also works with the Sidney and Berne Davis Center to co-present dance companies such as the Hartel Company. The Theatre Department works with Big Arts of Sanibel Island to bring “The American Clock” to their performance series. Guest artist from Broadway Dinner Theatre regularly present workshops on subjects such as audition techniques, stage combat, improvisation and choreograph musical theatre numbers. Visual Arts students participate in the Fort Myers Beach Art Show, volunteer for major art festival such as ArtFest, Partners with the Lee County Alliance of the Arts Honor Society Art Show, SW Florida Craft Guild, Edison State College, Art of the Olympian and the Big Arts.

Our Pride:
Our school in its current form addresses the variety of population better than ever before. In years past, highly trained arts teachers were reserved for only the highest level arts students. Class selection was limited or non-existent for some parts of the student population. Now, each of the arts disciplines has entry level courses that students from all backgrounds can access classes. There are also more classes offered so that students are more likely to receive a course they have requested. Through these classes, arts teachers are able to prepare students for auditions into higher level classes. This means we are seeing more diversity into all of the disciplines. For exceptional education students, our school has a very individualized approach to making sure ESE students get the chance to participate in the arts. There are students from profound to gifted who are placed in the arts classes. We also have special projects were ESE contained classrooms work with arts classes to create and present art exhibits and performances. All of eleven arts teachers are certified by the Florida Department of Education. Seven of the eleven teachers have had professional work in the arts, which we feel is important for the students. Two of the teachers are National Board Certified. Three teachers have masters degrees and two are working on theirs. All teachers work on improving their skills through professional development opportunities and members in local, state, and national organizations. Four of the teachers have served at the state level for arts organizations and two have lead as presidents of these organizations. Four of the teachers have served as cadre members who develop arts inservice training for the school district. All teachers are supported in attending their conferences and professional development opportunities.

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