Bak Middle School of the Arts

County: Palm Beach
Number of Students: 1360

1725 Echo Lakes Drive, West Palm Beach, Fl 33407
Phone: 561-882-3870 Fax: 561-882-3873
School Website:

Principal: Elizabeth Kennedy
Email: [email protected]

Superintendent: Arthur C. Johnson, PhD
Phone: 561-434-8200
Email: [email protected]

School Board President: Monroe Benaim, M.D.
Phone: 561-434-8038
Email: [email protected]

District Media Relations Rep: Nat Harrington
Phone: 561-434-8227
Email: [email protected]

Students served:
Students throughout Palm Beach County are eligible to attend.
54% are white,
18% are black,
14% are Hispanic. For more school information, please visit:

Our Arts Teaching Team includes:

Dance - 4 teachers
Strings – 1 teacher
Piano – 1 teacher
Chorus – 2 teachers
Band – 1 teacher
Theater – 4.5 teachers
Visual Arts – 6 teachers
Communications – 4 teachers

Bak Middle School of the Arts operates on block schedule, allowing sufficient time during instructional periods for the arts courses. This allows time for the academic teachers to provide rigorous, creative instruction as well. As an arts school of choice, there is a strong emphasis on the arts, and each discipline is an integral part of the overall program. The academic teachers integrate arts elements into their lessons, and the arts teachers integrate academic elements. Both the academics and the arts programs inspire and encourage excellence.

In addition to taking a variety of art classes in their majors, students are allowed to take art classes outside of their major. With a seven period day, students take the required four academic subject areas and have three electives.
For more information, our teachers will be happy to answer your calls or e-mails.

Contact us!
Dance: Martha Satinoff - [email protected]
Communications: Jessica Samons - [email protected]

Music: Cleve Maloon - [email protected]
Theater: Richard Valentine - [email protected]
Visual Arts: Glen Barefoot – [email protected]

A Visit to Our School:
The Bak Middle School of the Arts facility was built specifically to support a world class arts education program. The students move from the downstairs theaters, dance studios, art studios, and music practice rooms, to the upstairs academic classrooms. Technology is available for regular use in all classes. This would include: computers, document cameras, and overhead projectors. Additional technology is made available for students in the photography classrooms, video editing classrooms, and digital design classrooms.

Our Special Arts Programs:
A full sequential program is provided for students in each of the arts areas. Instruction is provided at a very high level to challenge the students, and is differentiated to meet the students' skill level. In visual arts classes are offered in: drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, and photography. In music, classes are offered in: piano, strings, vocal, band, and music theory. In theater, classes are offered in: acting, stagecraft, costuming, creative drama, playwriting, and improvisation. In dance, classes are offered in: ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and multi-cultural dance. In the communications department, classes are offered in: tv and video production, speech & debate, graphic design, journalism, creative writing,and radio broadcasting. Additionally, all sixth graders participate in an arts exploration wheel, which allows them to gain experience in all the arts areas.

Our Pride:
Bak Middle School of the Arts is unique in that it is not a neighborhood school, but a total magnet school drawing from a wide geographical area. There are no feeder schools, so the demographic make-up of the entering population is subject to change each year. Even with this lack of continuity, students at Bak Middle School of the Arts consistently score among the highest in the state on yearly academic assessments. The school has also consistently met the national standards for meeting Adequate Yearly Progress. Academic screening is not a part of entry requirements to Bak MSOA. Students are selected from an arts audition and lottery process. The high academic achievement present speaks to the fact that the comprehensive arts education program that is provided at Bak MSOA contributes to the success of the students in other academic areas. Both the academics and the arts programs inspire and encourage excellence.

Elizabeth Kennedy, Principal

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