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2015 Careers in the Arts

  • Translating a Passion for the Arts into a Career Path [View Webinar]
    Webinar hosted by Jason Ohlsen, Digital Worlds Institute

  • Film, Events, Dance, Broadway, Games... oh my!! Career Opportunities for YOU [View Webinar]
    Webinar hosted by Mary Palmer, Professor Emerita and Former College of Education Dean, UCF

2014 Careers in the Arts

  • Non-Traditional Arts Careers: [View Webinar I]
    Webinar hosted by Dr. Wendy Dickinson of the Ringling College of Art and Design. Discussing careers in computer animation, museum exhibitry, and robotics.
  • Non-Traditional Arts Careers: [View Webinar II]
    Webinar hosted by Coz Ramirez of Universal Studios. Meet an art and design director, scene designer, show director, and others with careers in the entertainment industry.
  • Traditional Arts Careers: [View Webinar III]
    Webinar hosted by Coz Ramirez of Universal Studios. Learn about traditional careers in the arts and meet a visual artist and a jazz musician.

2013 Careers in the Arts

2013 NGSSS

2013 The New National Arts Standards: In Process and VERY Promising!

  • Thursday, May 23rd, 4:30-5:30, plus Q&A
    Click here to view archived webinar.

2012-2013 Professional Development for Teaching Artists: Arts Integration

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